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About Rock Guardz

RockGuardz Easter Ride 2013RockGuardZ came about when Ian Walker, the Companies founder decided that to get fit for the oncoming season of Superbike Racing he would get a mountain bike. After a hard winter of training the bug of mountain biking started to take hold and he bought his first new bike, a 2009 giant Reign. To protect his investment Ian decided that the vulnerable looking area of the frame behind the front wheel would need to be protected.

Now, superbiking is a ridiculously expensive hobby, and to fund this over the last 10 years Ian had been manufacturing race superbike bodywork in fibreglass and carbon fibre to fund his racing. So, familiar with carbon fibre and fibreglass, Ian decided he should protect his new frame with a Carbon Guard. This was soon realised and the first RockGuardZ was produced, a bit hurried and rough in places but essentially the same as RockGuardZ are made now.

Giant GloryHis riding buddies soon caught sight of his new carbon guard and quickly persuaded him to make one for them. RockGuardz for Trek Remedy’s, Specialized Enduro’s and Stumpjumper’s were soon made to keep his mates happy.

 The desire to race superbikes subsided as Ian’s family got older and mountain biking became Ian’s main sporting passion.

Now having a few moulds for GuardZ Ian placed adverts on Ebay and interest soon started to grow in the products, many people seeing the advert and asking for one to fit their bikes. Ian encouraged people who wanted a guard to bring their bike over and he would make them one for free in return for their trouble and so the RockGuardZ range began to grow. This service is still offered by RockGuardZ today.

It was not long before Ian had to bring in the help of Howard Williams, the big unit, a riding buddy and all-round good guy to help him keep up with manufacture. Having worked in the cycling industry for some years Howard has been invaluable in marketing the product and ensuring that all the cycling press have heard of RockGuardZ which has helped establish the product in the marketplace.

Each Guard is handmade, using multiply layers of carbon, diolen and twill fabrics to get the desired stiffness/flexibility. Each Guard is made specifically for the bike frame it is designed to fit, so that the design of the guard suits the shape and design of the frame, to complement the looks of the frame and protect it from rock strikes.

Now well established RockGuardZ are also turned their attention to MudguardZ, again in carbon fibre, a product which is set to do well as it performs superbly whilst looking absolutely gorgeous.