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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • RockGuardz in Dirt

    Recent feature in Dirt. Many thanks to Ed and the team.

  • Enduro MTB and our MudGuardz

    For years people have been trying different variations and devices to keep the mud and slop from making the short trip from wheel to face! These little little beauties from UK based company Rock Guardz, are something a bit special, mega lightweight, made in 3 different lengths, and best of all being woven from real stiff carbon fibre; they are a work of art! The largest CG570 model weighs in at a measly 157 grammes and can be used on all 3 wheel sizes.

    The CG490 being more specific to the 26″ wheel comes in at 140 grammes and finally the (more summer specific) CG325 baby of the bunch comes in at 110 grammes and can also be attached (as slightly seen) to the rear of some bikes.

    They are attached easily with cable ties and the design also helps prevents the crap hitting your fork seals. They are so simple, yet so effective, and in my opinion, the finest looking guards out there!

    Read more @ http://enduro-mtb.com/en/review-rockguardz-carbon-fender/

    Enduro MTB and our MudGuardz

    Enduro MTB and our MudGuardz

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