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  • Dirt 1st look at MudGuardz

    If you’ve been reading Dirt lately you might have spotted a feature that we did on a great little company that we found called Rock Guardz. Basically the guy behind the company used to make carbon fairings for superbikes, and race them, but then he got into mountain bikes and he used his skills to make a carbon downtube protector for his bike. His mates then all wanted one, and then so did theirs, and from that hobby a business has grown. He now gets some of his Oswestry locals to help him make the custom guards as demand has grown so much, and now they’re even busier as they’ve developed this new range of front mudguards. - Dirt

    Read more @ http://dirt.mpora.com/featured/rock-guardz-carbon-mudguards.html

    Dirt 1st look at MudGuardz


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