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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Rock Guardz Mudguardz CG440 Evo2 mudguard in eight of the best

    Two Wheels Better recently lined up our latest mudguard in a list of eight of the best mud-stoppers available.

    At £45.50 for a medium guard, Two Wheels Better said our mudguard "easily attaches to the fork very securely with four zip ties, and it’s sturdy one in place. It’s incredibly bombproof too, we’ve been running on here at TWB for a couple of winters and it’s still going strong."

    Check out our mudguards here: http://www.rockguardz.com/mudguardz.html

  • 8 out of 10 for the RockGuardZ CG330 Evo2 MudGuardZ!

    MBR Magazine gave us a glowing review in their recent issue and awarded our top-notch mudguard 8 out of 10!

    Available in carbon for £39.50 or fiberglass for £14 less, there's no need to let a budget hold you back!


  • Interview with Wideopen!

    We recently met with the guys at Wideopen and had a chat about our business, products and the future for RockGuardZ!


    Take a look at the full article here: http://wideopenmag.co.uk/2016/01/mtb-carbon-fibre-frame-protection-and-mudguards

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