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Fritzz Aluminium 09-12 RockGuardZ

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Hi Gloss Carbon Fibre Frame Protector, designed uniquely and specifically for this Bike Frame.
The RockGuardZ Real Carbon Fibre Frame protector is a lightweight, super strong, attractive product designed to protect the vulnerable section of your MTB frame just behind the front wheel where rock stikes and debris flung of the front tyre is most likely to cause expensive and structural damage to the frame. RockGaurdZ are manufactured by hand with a multi layer lay up technique that includes the Carbon Fibre outer layer, for good aesthitics and impact resistance, a layer of super fabric Diolen to give unbreakable resistance to rock strikes, and woven glass fabric for stiffness and internal finnish. The RockGuardZ is designed to fit your frame perfectly, hugging it tightly to avoid mud build up and frame abraision. The RockGuardZ fit simply to the frame it covers over half of the tube diameter and is held to bike via the cable guide without the need for sticky stuff to hold it in place. They are an attractive lightweight, inexpensive and essental accessory to safeguard your Mountain Bike